Import listings from other sources easily

We’ve just created a new plugin that allows you to batch import listings from other sources. The plugin import a XML file with all the information of your listings, the XML have to be carefully crafted in order to work smoothly. Please, consider the plugin as in test state, it works well under specific circumstances, it could fail if something is wrong with the XML structure. There’s included an example.xml file to serve as an example, it’s pretty self-explanatory

Some notes about the XML structure:

  • The first line has to be  <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
  • You could import as many listings as you want, but we suggest to import them few by few to avoid timeouts (strongly suggested if you’re also importing pictures) In order to import pictures, the oc-content/downloads folder should be writable
  •  Importing pictures could take quite a time, please, be sure to set the PHP script timeout is enough high so it will not fail
  • The plugin will insert the basic data, if you have any plugin that required some kind of extra data (as cars, jobs, real estate attributes,…) it will fail (we’re working on that)
  • Only one field is required to set the category, <categoryid> is a NUMBER, the category’s id which already exists, <category> is a string, the title of the category, it may exists or not, if it does not exists, it will create one with that title
  • category, title and content fields required an attribute “lang” to specify the language, if none is set, the default language of OSClass will be used
  • If a field is not set, an empty string will be used

Remember, this is an importer, it WILL NOT create the XML by itself. We’re working on solutions for most popular classifieds softwares, that will allow you to export the data in the correct XML format.


Warning: It’s a beta version, DO NOT use it on a production environment or with data you don’t have backup of. We’ve just released it via our plugin market.